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Thread: Steam Train Tour in Vietnam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Collins View Post
    In 20 years the Vietnamese will be trying to figure out how to get rid of the ugly slag heap they are creating next to the steel mill

    Do not worry, they sell all of it right now

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    Next day we travel with other loco No 1045 from Luu Xa railways station back Hanoi

    Travel in black car

    and stop in everywhere Tour Leader found that beautiful, because of this is special train, special tours so I can arrange to stop in everywhere on the way

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    Beautiful rice field

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    Bad news: New Year 2012, Steel factory will buy 05 GK0C diesel locomotives, 02 loco 1000mm, 03 loco 1435mm. All steam engine will be give up the end 2012 or 2013

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    We've just have special idear: that using steam crane pull train, steam crane too weak and run slowly, but very specially.

    Update 8/5/2014.

    Take photo with Mr Tim Doling - "The Railways and Tramways of Vietnam"

    030-1035 service-able

    Steam crane

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