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Thread: Is the forum name confusing?

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    Default Is the forum name confusing?

    I've had a comment that the forum name may be confusing some folks.

    The name possibly implies we only cover steam. That's not the case, we cover all aspects of railway preservation and tourist railways. Steam, diesel, electric, museums, organizations, historical societies etc. Of course trying to pick a url that says all that is difficult.

    Should we try and come up with a different name and/or url to better reflect that, or is it obvious we cover all aspects of preservation as is?
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    I've made some changes to try and make it more obvious we cover all aspects of railway preservation. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

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    Default Changes

    Bob, the changes are fine and probably will be helpful. Most of the folks with an interest in preservation related discussions seem to be interested in steam, many of the diesel enthusiasts have gotten used to being in the background and have their own "grapevines" independent of the internet.

    I can only relate a story regarding the proposed NRHS Railcamp flyer that was on RYPN some time ago, and the discussion that was conducted there of the need to get major railroads to contribute and get involved in Railcamp. Just to see the reaction, I printed the image and took it in to show the Chief Mechanical Officer of a major system. He took a look at the pictures of the steam locomotives and handed it back to me with the comment:

    "Nothing here of interest to us".

    I think a lot of railroad enthusiasts do not understand how wide the technology gap is between the steam era and present day railroading.

    MX (Obviously Not My Real Name)

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    I come back and like the changes I see.

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