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Thread: Levithan wintering at Age of Steam Roundhouse

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    David H. Kloke, owner of Kloke Construction and Kloke Locomotive Works, LLC, has been in the business of construction and renting heavy equipment for the past 40 years. Starting in Wisconsin, David moved to Illinois twenty years ago and set up shop in Cook County where he works and resides today.

    In 1869 the Central Pacific Railroad purchased four locomotives from Schenectady Locomotive Works. They were the Jupiter #60, Storm #61, Whirlwind #62 and the Leviathan #63. David had a dream of constructing a copy of the Leviathan #63, and during 2009 he and several talented people began designing, fabricating and building a full-size, operating replica. After 10 years of work David's dream became a reality, and, today the astonishingly beautiful and detailed Leviathan #63 is America's newest operating steam locomotive. Leviathan is a beautiful site!

    During the winter of 2013-2014 Leviathan will be housed inside the dry, warm and snug Age of steam Roundhouse. This 4-4-0 will be moved into the adjacent AoS back shop where an axle and set of driving wheels will be dropped so that Leviathan can undergo some minor repairs before heading out on a scheduled tour the United States. The Leviathan moves from town-to-town via its own flatbed truck and crew.

    Visit the link below for more info and some really nice photos:

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    What a beauty! Thanks for sharing.

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